Ricardo Acosta

Please provide a background on yourself (how you got started, your journey to where you are now). I was born in Venezuela and came to Australia in 2011 to follow my dreams of becoming a successful chef.
When I arrived in Australia, I studied English for one year, and then got an accreditation in Hospitality. While I was studying, I supported myself and my family by working as a cleaner. After completing my studies, I began working in some of the most highly regarded restaurants in Adelaide, including Windy Point and Jamie’s Italian.
Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field.
  1. Hard working
  2. Team player
  3. Passionate
  4. Responsible
  5. Committed
Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry.
  1. Culinary skills
  2. Creativity
  3. Organisational skills
  4. Knowledge of work, health and safety regulations
  5. Knowledge of local produce
What education / experience is necessary for your role? Certificate 3 or 4 or a diploma in hospitality, specialising in commercial cookery.
How can interested readers follow / contact you? E.g. Email, social media, blog. Instagram – chefrickyoz