Melanie Bailey

After I finished high school I recieved an offer to study at University – but standing in line to sign up that day to a ‘hecs debt’ just didn’t feel right. In that moment I decided to withdraw and take a gap year. My dad worked in the public sector and encouraged me to look into an administrative trainee whilst I decided my future career path. So I began my career in the public sector and with so much variety and opportunity I have never left! I have always had a passion to be challenged and learn new skills and have been fortunate to work with managers who have supported me in achieving my career goals. I now develop public policy, provide advice on intergovernmental relations, develop internal processes, resolve grievances, develop reports and briefings for senior levels of government including SA Cabinet, Minister’s and Chief Executive’s and manage / coordinate project activity.


Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field.

  • Task orientated
  • clear communication
  • positive attitude
  • time management
  • empathy
  • great customer service


Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry. 

  • Understand operations management
  • developing convincing written arguments
  • negotiation and solution oriented
  • analysis, research and customer focused


What education / experience is necessary for your role?

Education in the following would be desirable but is not essential – Business Management, Project Management and Public Policy

Where can readers find out more about the industry?

Career support officers