Jenny Loftes

Degree in Advertising Art from SA School of Art, majoring in film & TV. Journalist/photographer/camera for Channels 9,7 & ABC and Reuters, BBC and TF1(Paris).

Started own company: Studio J Production supplying films, commercials and documentaries as well as marketing and advertising for large & small businesses. Head hunted to bring my skills to Local Government and also State Government. Became a problem solver, specializing in Change Management.

Completed Conflict resolution and negotiation qualifications. Completed an MBA, majoring in Managerial Finance, Contracts, and Sustainable Energy Management. Won a scholarship to European Summer School of Advance Management in Denmark. Advisor/consultant to Local/State and Federal Government on Project Management, Financial Management, Business Management, Change Management as well as Marketing, Promotions and Event Management.

Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field

  • Self starters and disrupters
  • People orientated with a sense of humour
  • Can see the big picture
  • Refuse to give up!
  • Prepared to work hard at their chosen craft. e.g. songwriting, singing, playing an instrument.

Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry

  • Organised
  • Good time-management skills
  • Financial experience to set budgets, see problems
  • Wide business experience across many industries
  • Good IT skills and social-media experienced.

What education/experiences is necessary for your role?

  • Basic project Management qualifications e.g Prince2
  • Wide IT experience across all platforms
  • Business Management qualifications/experience
  • Financial qualifications/experience
  • Preferably an MBA masters level