Erin Faehrmann

A business-Mary-Poppins, changing jobs every 2 or so years to go wherever there are opportunities to make things better. Worked in IT, projects, school education, governance, strategy, change management and finance roles. Volunteer on the Board of Youth Opportunities. Mentor through various organisations.

Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field?

  • Results-oriented
  • Customer and people oriented
  • Modest and hard working
  • Ethical
  • Intelligent and able to grapple with complex ideas / competing needs

Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry?

  • Social skills – impact and influence, listening
  • Ability to take in a lot of information and synthesize it in to a plan or a simple picture / few sentences.
  • Leadership skills – setting strategy and helping people work towards it
  • Thrive to continue learning and improving
  • Industry-specific skills (engineering, science etc)

What education / experience is necessary for your role?

  • Experience in managing business change and leading people
  • Either technical education in finance/engineering OR experience working in a similar organisation