Kristian Andrejewskis

I started in hospitality, working in 5 star hotels in Sydney and then moved into live events/ Audio visual. After more than 20 years in this area, I moved into the Mining Sector. My main focuses over this time was: Superior Customer Service, business process efficiency and continuous improvement. In my experience, many businesses do not know (or have forgotten) how to go about these 3 important things

Top 5 Characteristics of people who work in your field

  • Belief that the primary focus of any business should always be on their staff and customers.
  • Passion for making things better/ Continuous improvement
  • Always being open minded/ thinking outside the square
  • Belief that there is always a better way of doing things.
  • Persistence

What education / experience is necessary for your role?

It really depends on where you want to specialise. Business consulting is a very wide area. Passion, experience and education will guide you to the area you want to work in.