• Chris Hansen

    person_outlineBusiness OwnerbuildTrades
  • Chelsea

    Visual Effects Coordinator
  • Cristian Pinto

    Graphic Designer
  • Elizabeth Hansen

    Event Planner
  • Peter Rolfe

  • Sarah Sparks

  • Mariloly Reyes

    Social Worker
    publicPublic Servicelocal_hospitalHealthcare
  • Tek Lim

  • Hon Zoe Bettison MP

    Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Minister for Youth
    publicPublic Service

    l was born in Whyalla and lived in Gawler and Kapunda, attending Kapunda High School. After school, I attended Flinders University, where I completed my Bachelor of Arts (BA) before going on to the University of Adelaide to undertake my Master of Business Administration (MBA).

    After my studies, I worked as a Director of a public affairs company, and later at an iconic tourism operator. In 2012 l was elected to the South Australian Parliament in the seat of Ramsay, in the northern suburbs. In 2014, l was fortunate enough to become a Minister for a number of portfolios, including Communities and Social Inclusion, Social Housing, Multicultural Affairs, Youth, Volunteers and recently the Status of Women.

    The role of a Minister and a Member of Parliament (MP) is equally rewarding and demanding. Characteristics of people who work in this field are similar to many other roles; you need passion, tenacity, commitment, the ability to work with other people to achieve common goals and self-belief.

    Unlike other jobs, you don’t need to have any specific set of qualifications in order to be a MP. As I mentioned, I have a BA and MBA however, each MP brings with them a different set of skills and personal experiences. What all MP’s do have is a passion for democracy and for improving the lives of our communities.

    Personally, I am passionate about a number of issues including education, training and business investment. Participation in the economy for all South Australians is a key driver for my interest in politics.

  • Dorinda Hafner

    Chef / Public Speaker / Author / Celebrant
    person_outlineBusiness OwnerpublicPublic Service


    Dorinda Hafner was born in Ghana, West Africa. She came to Australia from England as a dispensing optician and registered nurse. She has since worked as a storyteller, celebrant, actress, dancer, choreographer, public speaker, writer and television chef. Hafner currently lives in South Australia, but divides her time between Australia, Great Britain, and the United States. She is the mother of media personality, television presenter and former weather presenter Nuala Hafner and James Hafner. She was the State Ambassador for Australian Citizenship week in 1997, and has represented Australia at various Women and Earth Eco-Conferences.

  • Carmen Garcia

    Managing Director of Community Corporate
    person_outlineBusiness Ownerbusiness_centerProfessional

    Renowned for her passion, innovation and hard-line results driven ethos, Carmen is an award winning change agent and nationally lauded expert in the areas of settlement, youth, not for profit, productive diversity, governance, social enterprise, community development, migration and corporate engagement.

    From Filipino heritage and strong community ties and social commitment, Carmen has built a career on creating a social impact in everything she does. From volunteering to teach English to primary school kids or driving the elderly women to do weekly shopping trip as a young volunteer at the age of 16 – it was clear Carmen’s story was one that would transform the world.

    From running TAFE SA Policy Unit to the CEO of of refugee youth Organisation, Carmen a mother of 2 has now set up her own company, Community Corporate, a consultancy business that helps organisations challenge conventional thinking in order to achieve exceptional outcomes with long lasting impact through strategic planning, partnerships and program design, business and sustainability planning, frameworks and evaluation models, and organisational positioning and PR. She is known to many as a CEO’s secret weapon and a problem fighter! She connects people, ideas and opportunities and integrates social benefit into the world of business.

    As a well-respected social entrepreneur, Carmen has raised millions of dollars for organisations, charities and appeals through fundraising, tender writing, donations, sponsorship, social ventures and more.

    She is a member of the Settlement Services Advisory Council of Australia, and the Friendly Nations Initiative Executive Committee. Recently appointed the inaugural chair of the Social Enterprise Alliance of SA and serves as a Director on the Australian Sponsorship 4 African Kids an AusAid recognised charity.

    Her work has been recognised as a finalist for the South Australian Telstra Women’s Business Awards for community and government and SA Young Business Woman of the Year in 2013. 2014 South Australian Filipino Achiever of the Year, 2004 South Australian Young Achiever Award for Community Service and Governor’s Multicultural Award SA and numerous others.

    Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field

    • Determined and driven (this is not a job that you want if you want to do the same thing every day – the beauty of my job is every day present s a new challenge!
    • Passionate
    • Creative and critical thinker
    • love of people and the world of opportunity
    • Risk taker – you can play it safe if you are trying to innovate!

    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry

    • Problem solving
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Excellent written and verbal communication
    • Critical and creative thinking
    • Ability to multi-task and manage time

    What education/experience is necessary for your role?

    There is no set qualification it’s a balance of life experience and an ability to think, create and generate innovation and ideas. My qualifications including Bachelor of Arts majoring in International Studies, Post Graduate Cert in Management (Public Sector) Over 10 year’s experience in senior management roles across government, not for profit and private sectors.

  • Helena de Anstiss

    Program Director, Bachelor of Social Work

    I began my academic career as a sessional (casual) university teacher. Two of my former university lecturers called me after I finished my degree and asked me whether I would be interested in casual teaching. I said “hell yes”. Once I was in the university system, other lecturers got to know me and offered me more work. This went on for about 12 years until I was asked to apply for a full-time, permanent position. It was a tough decision because I loved where I was working but at the same time, I needed a change. So I applied for the position and here I am 🙂


    Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field.

    Each discipline is different but in my field, people are generally:

    • Passionate about their work
    • Goal oriented
    • Hardworking
    • Determined to succeed
    • Keen networkers


    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry

    Every academic career is different. Most academics have teaching and research roles but a small number have teaching only, or research only, roles. Regardless, they all need the following skills:

    • Toughness – the work of academics is regularly scrutinised and criticised by their peers.  The research papers they submit for publication are criticised and rejected by editors. The project proposals they submit for funding are criticised and rejected by funding bodies.  Academics therefore need to be able to actively engage with criticism – they need to be strong enough to accept what is valid and confident enough to defend what is not.
    • Communication and presentation skills – most academics have teaching roles and are assessed on the quality of their teaching by students. They therefore need to be comfortable and reasonably good at public speaking.
    • People skills – academics need to be able to engage well with a diverse range of people including students, colleagues, research participants, funding bodies, professional bodies and others.
    • Self-directed – from the beginning of their careers, academics need to be able to set their own goals and direction.
    • Time management skills – academic work involves teaching, research and administration roles, some of which can become all-consuming and spill over into their evenings and weekends.


    What education / experience is necessary for your role?

    Entering academia almost always requires a doctoral level qualification e.g., a PhD. In order to be accepted into a doctoral program, you will need an undergraduate degree and a postgraduate degree – either an Honours or Masters degree. In some fields such as Social Work, you may be able to use your professional experience in the field to start your academic career as a tutor. However, if you want to become a lecturer or above, you will need a doctoral level qualification and research experience. In some fields, professional experience is highly valued and when coupled with a doctoral qualification, can give you a competitive edge.

  • Aida T Garcia

    Lawyer & Regd Migration Agent

    I migrated to Australia in 1978; started working for a credit union, then to an insurance company that gave me the opportunity to get my law degree from overseas recognised by the Supreme Court of SA. The rest is history. I have my own legal practice and am also a Registered Migration Agent since 1998 to date.


    Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field.

    • Knowledge CPD
    • understanding
    • patience & tolerance
    • good listener
    • good writer


    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry.

    • ongoing education on both legal and migration area of practice
    • good listener
    • good writer
    • good eye – can scrutinise well and read between lines
    • be a good judge of character


    What education / experience is necessary for your role?

    education: Bachelor of Law degree
    and continuing education on both law and migration
    actual practical experience in the area of law and migration one choose to practice


    Where can readers find out more about the industry?

    LSSA and MARA

  • Ricardo Acosta

    Professional Chef
    Please provide a background on yourself (how you got started, your journey to where you are now). I was born in Venezuela and came to Australia in 2011 to follow my dreams of becoming a successful chef.
    When I arrived in Australia, I studied English for one year, and then got an accreditation in Hospitality. While I was studying, I supported myself and my family by working as a cleaner. After completing my studies, I began working in some of the most highly regarded restaurants in Adelaide, including Windy Point and Jamie’s Italian.
    Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field.
    1. Hard working
    2. Team player
    3. Passionate
    4. Responsible
    5. Committed
    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry.
    1. Culinary skills
    2. Creativity
    3. Organisational skills
    4. Knowledge of work, health and safety regulations
    5. Knowledge of local produce
    What education / experience is necessary for your role? Certificate 3 or 4 or a diploma in hospitality, specialising in commercial cookery.
    How can interested readers follow / contact you? E.g. Email, social media, blog. Instagram – chefrickyoz
  • Miriam Clappis

    Accountant - Director

    My company, Flinders Accounting Bookkeeping, provides quality and affordable financial and tax advice to people and small businesses across Australia.

    I am experienced within small business and helping people with their tax and financial needs spans over 14 years.

    In my early career, I worked full-time in the family business while also studying a Bachelor of Commerce at University of Adelaide. I have a passion for learning so I went on to study a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Laws with Honours also at the University of Adelaide.

    Whilst studying and working, I began helping other family and friends with their bookkeeping and tax returns and the Flinders Accounting Bookkeeping journey began. I now oversee offices across South Australia, Victoria and Queensland with thousands of clients across Australia.


    Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field.

    • Honest
    • Proactive
    • Integrity
    • Hard-working
    • Empathetic


    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry. 

    • Client relations skills
    • Networking skills
    • Business mind
    • Eye for detail
    • Problem solving


    What education / experience is necessary for your role? 

    University degrees in accounting or similar
    CPA certification


    How can interested readers follow / contact you?

    Instagram: @miriamclappis

  • Brenton Whittenbury

    CEO - Barlow Shoes

    Graduated from University of Adelaide with Economics(Accounting) degree. Commenced at our family business, Barlow Shoes in 1982 and worked in retail until retiring in 2014. Have an extensive knowledge of the retail industry and what it is that employers look for in a new employee.


    Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field.

    • Reliable
    • well presented
    • flexible regarding hours
    • good people skills
    • willing to learn


    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry.

    • good language skills
    • basic maths
    • good communication skills
    • show initiative
    • money handling.


    What education / experience is necessary for your role? 

    Up to year 11, retail experience is often preferred but not essential.
    literacy in English would be required.

  • Jino Punnassery Augusthy

    Entrepreneur and Business Consultant
    person_outlineBusiness Ownerbusiness_centerProfessional

    I am an entrepreneur, this is a new beginning after my MBA. We are in the process of a startup. It all started after I shared my views in LinkedIn and gradually like minded joined. We hope for the best.

    Top 5 Characteristics of people who work in your field

    • Positive attitude
    • Critical thinking
    • Empathy
    • Leadership and openness.

    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry

    • Knowledge about industry
    • Communication
    • Problem solving
    • Interpersonal skills
    • leadership and critical thinking

    What education / experience is necessary for your role?

    Industry experience plus MBA

  • Vicki Jarnis

    CEO - SuccessDNA

    Inspired and Inspiring educator …
    Vicki’s mother planted a seed long ago.  She instilled in her a deep love for learning and teaching.  She has never stopped learning nor refining her teaching.

    As a young girl her mother yearned to become an educator but, a victim of the time and place in which she grew up, she was never able to fulfil her dream nor reach her potential.  She was, however, able to inculcate her children with the virtues of education.  Her inspiration became Vicki’s calling.

    Where education for life has taken her …
    Vicki embarked, decades ago, on an amazing journey as an educator.  This journey saw her immersed in the field of senior secondary teaching and learning. It became an odyssey through which she would determine where she was best able to make a difference.

    Classroom Teacher
    It began as a classroom teacher where she successfully taught discipline areas including English, Business, History, Foreign Language, and Research Methods and Practice. It traversed many different school settings, private and public, metropolitan and rural, single and mixed gender, R-12 and 8-12.  Each classroom setting was different with its own unique benefits and challenges. This diversity has given Vicki a deep understanding of how subject content is structured, how the surrounding environment influences teaching and learning, as well as how to give all students the best opportunity for success. Irrespective of subject taught, Vicki always had a 95% success rate, with students getting As and Bs.

    Over time, Vicki realised she had a calling and became committed to being the best teacher she could be.  She sought ways in which she could motivate, extend, build the confidence of, and develop the skills of students to bring out the best in each and every one . She also sought ways to ensure the promotion of a positive and innovative learning environment, where students were able to reach their full potential, and learning was engaging and challenging. She expected excellence, quality, responsibility and respect. These were givens in her classes.

    Faculty Head and Head of Senior School
    At the school based level Vicki became a faculty head and head of senior school, providing educational leadership, supervising student teachers, as well as mentoring and coaching to support professional learning of both early career and in career teachers.  She managed all aspects of the transition of students from the Middle School to the Senior School, including course counselling, as well as students’ transition into pathways beyond school.  She worked in partnership with parents on all matters relating to student welfare and supported and advised parents as appropriate.  She built and maintained positive relationships with students, parents and colleagues, emotionally connected with them, and let them know that she was there for them and would never let them fail.

    Curriculum Design and Implementation
    As she grew as an educator, it seemed a natural progression to move from the classroom into Curriculum Design and Implementation at a system level where she managed the design and delivery of state and national curriculum as well as professional development programs across all school sectors.  As an educational consultant she not only got to see inside countless schools but also to learn a lot about the philosophical thinking which underpinned those disparate schools.  Vicki has been privileged to have worked with highly professional people who knew their craft and who shared a love of students.  Working closely with so many educators, she learned also to have an even deeper appreciation for the profession that so many take for granted.

    Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”  Early on, Vicki saw the potential for technology to transform education and became an early adopter of computing and communications technologies, exploring how these could be effectively utilised in teaching and learning. Properly used, she could see that technology would help students acquire the skills they needed to survive in a complex, highly technological knowledge-based economy.  She developed a keen interest in computers. This interest would eventually see her leave the teaching profession for a decade to establish an IT company providing online learning consultancy, online marketing solutions, and web design and development for schools, universities, companies, and government.  During this time she worked with educators and companies on how the technology could be effectively integrated both into classroom learning and the workplace in ways that would both deepen and enhance the learning process.

    The Next Chapter in Education – SuccessDNA
    Across the trajectory of the SuccessDNA founder’s career, she found herself increasingly intrigued by the science and psychology of high achievement and success.  She found herself pondering on  questions including the following:

    How do we define academic success?
    What role, if any, does inherent talent or intelligence play in high achievement?
    Why is it that some students succeed whilst others fail or fail to realise their potential?
    Are there any determinants of high achievement and success?
    Do high achievers share any commonalities and/or characteristics?
    If so, can those be distilled into a model of learning?  And, are they learnable?
    How can educators build/create a high achievement culture in their classrooms and in their schools?
    How could schools empower parents to be effective supporters and advocates of children’s senior school success?

    Her quest for answers, led her to undertake a 12 year long groundbreaking research study of the best and the brightest and their families to discover those critical factors most influential in creating success in senior secondary and post secondary learning.  Research findings show that what students accomplish has more to do with specific beliefs, behaviours and attitudes than on innate ability or intelligence.  These predictors of success are skills which can be taught in incremental steps.  All students can master these skills if they are provided with the necessary tools and disposition for greater success.

    Over the last few years, Vicki dedicated her time to developing a model of learning which makes success and high achievement accessible to all senior secondary and post secondary students.

    Now after decades of various roles in the educational field, Vicki is giving back and devoting the next chapter of her life to helping: aspirational students who seek to perform at a high level; their parents in how best to support them in their ambitions, and schools in creating a culture of high expectation and success.


    Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field.

    • Success Mindsets
    • Success Habits and Practices
    • Life Long Learners
    • Highly Effective Communicators
    • Tenacity
    • Want to Make A Difference


    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry. 

    • Teaching & Learning (Senior Secondary, Post Secondary, Adult)
    • Mentoring
    • Professional Development
    • Research Skills
    • Public Speaking
    • Curriculum/Instructional Design, Implementation, Management


    What education / experience is necessary for your role?

    My role requires a deep understanding and expertise in the following:
    Senior Secondary Education and Post Secondary Education
    Teaching and Learning
    Curriculum Design, Implementation, Management
    Instructional Design
    E-Learning and Educational Technology
    Professional Learning Programs/Teacher Training for school leaders and teachers – Design, Development, Delivery and Evaluation
    Public Speaking
    Qualitative Research
    Educational Consultancy


    How can interested readers follow / contact you? E.g. Email, social media, blog.

    They will be able to follow SuccessDNA through:

    Social Media:  LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube
    Website:  successdna.com.au
    Blog:  successdna.com.au/blog

  • Catherine Middleton

    person_outlineBusiness Ownerbusiness_centerProfessional

    My career spans over 40 years working in the administrative field, the last 15 years in Office Management. I have worked in a diverse number of Industries across Australia, and overseas in London and New Zealand and has experience in the Private, Public and Not for Profit sectors.

    Whether running the office on a construction site, or in the role of Executive Assistant to the CEO of the Adelaide Rams, (the now defunct Rugby club) I have enjoyed every experience that the diversity of these situations has allowed.

    A Fellow of the Australian Institute of Office Professionals, have a Member since 1992 and was National President and Chair of the Board from 2011-2013. I was awarded a HLM  for my contribution over a 20 year period.

    In 2014, I started her own business – Office Dynamics Adelaide, the A-Z of Office Efficiencies’, providing a high level consultancy service in Business Process Improvement.  My aim is to assist companies to achieve their own Business Excellence.

    Member of Professional Speakers Australia, and also an Author.

    Currently promoting handbook reference guides for those looking to enter the workforce.

    Aiming to promote these guides through speaking engagements that will offer a helping hand to people who need to understand the process of applying for positions.


    Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field.

    • Organised
    •  Confident
    • High level communication skills
    • Has passion for what they do
    • Promote continual professional development by mentoring those around them.


    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry. 

    As above, but also needs the technical expertise to be able to offer high level assistance to their stakeholders. Is committed to offering high level customer service. Has honesty & has integrity


    What education / experience is necessary for your role?

    A high level of understanding of the way in which an office is managed.

    Experience leading and guiding people in a team to ensure there are positive outcomes for all.

    Public Speaking experience.

    Although not essential, tertiary education is a great way to compliment your knowledge from a grass roots level.  Commencing with Business Studies, and then working up into a Diploma Management.

  • Kristian Andrejewskis

    Business Consultant / General Manager

    I started in hospitality, working in 5 star hotels in Sydney and then moved into live events/ Audio visual. After more than 20 years in this area, I moved into the Mining Sector. My main focuses over this time was: Superior Customer Service, business process efficiency and continuous improvement. In my experience, many businesses do not know (or have forgotten) how to go about these 3 important things

    Top 5 Characteristics of people who work in your field

    • Belief that the primary focus of any business should always be on their staff and customers.
    • Passion for making things better/ Continuous improvement
    • Always being open minded/ thinking outside the square
    • Belief that there is always a better way of doing things.
    • Persistence

    What education / experience is necessary for your role?

    It really depends on where you want to specialise. Business consulting is a very wide area. Passion, experience and education will guide you to the area you want to work in.

  • Nicholas Radbone

    Associate Lawyer
    Please provide a background on yourself (how you got started, your journey to where you are now).

    I finished school uncertain of which career to pursue. I have always had an interest in psychology and counselling. I wanted a challenging career where I could help people and subsequently found law.

    Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field.
    1. Ambition
    2. Resilience
    3. Diplomacy
    4. Empathy
    5. Strong Work Ethic
    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry.
    1. Analytical
    2. Attention to detail
    3. Good communication
    4. Logical reasoning
    5.  Persuasiveness
    What education / experience is necessary for your role? A Bachelor of Laws and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, or alternatively a Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice
    How can interested readers follow / contact you? E.g. Email, social media, blog.
  • Paul Sweeney

    Salesmen and Networker

    Ex mechanic, sold up all my stuff and headed to s the USA  spent 3.5 years overseas before the Internet, eg very little contact with Australia, the times they had changed so I had to to. Took up sales and create my own Business 16 years ago….re invent your self, reinvest in you, become more valuable to others…


    Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field.

    • Being open to new ideas, people and situations
    • flexibility
    • Managing risk and reward
    • optimism eg it won’t kill you if goes a bit pear shaped
    • a genuine interest in others and being in service
    • Leadership, helping your team


    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry.

    • Sales skills
    • being able open a path of communication
    • finding a solution to the problem
    • asking for the order….
    • empathy, listening, every one wants to feel special,
    • asking people their names…


    What education / experience is necessary for your role?

    Education and skills can be learnt just about any where now, be prepared to jump in, ask questions, do you own research, copy others, go over and above what you know now. We all lean from each other and especially from different disciplines.


    How can interested readers follow / contact you?

    Facebook mainly, they can call me and set up one to one meeting, Skype etc….


    Where can readers find out more about the industry?

    Your local LIBARY is the place to seat digging

  • Bilal Moussa

    IT Specialist/Technician
    person_outlineBusiness Ownerbusiness_centerProfessional

    Arrived to Australia in 2008. i had a passion for Computer and electronics. started as junior technician at a repair shop. 2 years later was promoted to shop manager.
    currently I have my own business in IT and enjoying what i do.


    Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field.

    • Patience
    • efficiency
    • organizational Skills
    • Friendly
    • Positive attitude


    What education / experience is necessary for your role?

    IT Degree

  • Julia Triggs


    I initially completed a Bachelor of Science at Adelaide University in 2014 majoring in Genetics and Physiology. I really the health science aspects of this degree and went on to do my Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics at Flinders University. I was fortunate enough to get a New Graduate position as a clinical Dietitian at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and from there I found a passion and strong interest in nutrition for gastrointestinal disease and surgery so I now specialize in this area. Along the way I have started my own private practice and also joined an Oncology and Haematology practice.


    Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field.

    • Friendly
    • Caring and empathetic
    • Competitive
    • Healthy
    • Passionate


    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry. 

    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Excellent interpersonal skills
    • Good time management and organisation skills
    • Scientific mind
    • Initiative


    What education / experience is necessary for your role?

    A Master or Bachelor in Nutrition and Dietetics with eligibility for membership of Dietitians Association of Australia.

  • Melanie Bailey

    publicPublic Service

    After I finished high school I recieved an offer to study at University – but standing in line to sign up that day to a ‘hecs debt’ just didn’t feel right. In that moment I decided to withdraw and take a gap year. My dad worked in the public sector and encouraged me to look into an administrative trainee whilst I decided my future career path. So I began my career in the public sector and with so much variety and opportunity I have never left! I have always had a passion to be challenged and learn new skills and have been fortunate to work with managers who have supported me in achieving my career goals. I now develop public policy, provide advice on intergovernmental relations, develop internal processes, resolve grievances, develop reports and briefings for senior levels of government including SA Cabinet, Minister’s and Chief Executive’s and manage / coordinate project activity.


    Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field.

    • Task orientated
    • clear communication
    • positive attitude
    • time management
    • empathy
    • great customer service


    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry. 

    • Understand operations management
    • developing convincing written arguments
    • negotiation and solution oriented
    • analysis, research and customer focused


    What education / experience is necessary for your role?

    Education in the following would be desirable but is not essential – Business Management, Project Management and Public Policy

    Where can readers find out more about the industry?

    Career support officers

  • Maerschel  Bailey

    Aged Care Worker


    Began nursing after high school to help care for elderly and give them the dignity they deserve when they can no longer care for themselves.

    Top 5 Characteristics of people who work in your field

    • Attentiveness
    • Compassion
    • Kindness
    • Health / Services support
    • Flexibility shift work evenings/day


    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry

    • Medical experience
    • Communication
    • Pallative Care understanding
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Empathy


    What education / experience is necessary for your role?

    Pallative care training

    Where can readers find out more about the industry?

    Search for Aged Care Providers / Career Advisors

  • Kingsley Enadeghe

    Support Worker & Accredited grade 1 boxing SA coach

    I am was born in one of the ghetto of Benin city in Edo State of Nigeria.i did my primary and hight school in Benin city.I played soccer all my time in primary and high school.I took up boxing 1984 because  because I want to be able to defend myself in the ghetto which survival of the strongest. I trained every day and study at the same time .Many of my mates got off the track and sorted out by the law.when I left high school 1984 I could not get into uni because my parents was poor but I got into the Nigerian police force because of my boxing talent . After 3 yrs as a police officer I got money to enrolled myself in to university .i did business management at Imo state university .it was very hard studying full time working ,and traveling overseas to represent my Country in the game of boxing.Today I am here today because of boxing.

    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry

    • Public relations
    • Conflict resolution
    • Communication
    • Customer service
    • Liaison with clients


    What education / experience is necessary for your role?

    Boxing skills

  • Robert “Ragz” Taylor

    Education and Entertainment
    Please provide a background on yourself (how you got started, your journey to where you are now).


    I started DJing at local house parties, which then moved to venues in central London where we had a residency for 4 years. I started working with major record labels in terms of their street teams which led to producing for artists signed by Sony/BMG. Through this varied work I ran a small fashion label as well over a period of three years.
    Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field.
    • Patience
    • Lateral Thinking
    • Pro Activeness
    • Resilience
    • Determination
    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry.
    • Planning
    • Computer literate
    • Literacy
    • Communication
    • Relationship building
    What education / experience is necessary for your role?


    Good level of literacy
    Production skills
    How can interested readers follow / contact you? E.g. Email, social media, blog. Urbanmovemententertainments.com
    Facebook: urbanmovemententertainments
  • Marge


    I was a nurse overseas and studied a bridging course at UniSA and worked as an RN. I need a flexible schedule so that I can take care of my children, hence, I decided to shift as an Australian Public Servant in ATO. I’m now currently working as an Administrator in a manufacturing company that mainly manufactures mining equipment.

    Top 5 Characteristics of people who work in your field

    • Flexible
    • Communicate well with clients
    • Understands and adhere to all safety requirements
    • Able to work within a team
    • Attention to details

    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry

    • Service skills
    • Computer literate (data entry)
    • Research skills
    • Analytical skills
    • Good sense of time management.

    What education / experience is necessary for your role?

    Certificate lll in Business Administration

  • Ty Leary

    Business Strategist and Consultant
    person_outlineBusiness Ownerbusiness_centerProfessional

    Originally from the US, I have lived and worked in multiple countries, mostly in telecommunications.  I decided to leave the corporate world to focus on my passions and family.

    Currently, I am an international business strategist focusing on value creation and high growth ventures.  I also have a passion for social enterprises and sustainability.  I also produce entertainment events a few times a year.

    Additional Professional skills:
    Business process improvement
    Business analysis, strategy and development
    Target account selling
    Tender responses and proposals
    Technical writing
    Product marketing and deployment
    Project Management
    Data analysis

    Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field 

    • Intestinal fortitude
    • Empathy
    • Solutions Oriented
    • Researcher
    • Collaborator

    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry

    • Interpersonal skills
    • Project management skills
    • Business acumen
    • Professional networking
    • Problem solving

    What education/experiences is necessary for your role?

    • Basic project management skills
    • Basic business management & development skills
    • Business experience
    • Basic understanding of finance, accounting and economic
    • Relevant qualifications preferably an MBA
  • Suzie Carzo

    Senior Hairdresser & Stylist

    I started when I was 16. I did a 4 year course at Tafe and worked as well. Over time I built myself into have my own salon

    Top 5 Characteristics of people who work in your field

    • Being able to make decisions
    • Enjoy being with people
    • Being able to take negative feedback and work with it
    • Making right choices for the clients

    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry

    • People skills
    • Knowing what people really want and listening to clients
    • Being compassionate
    • Artistic
    • Knowing fashion and taking pride in yourself so clients gain trust

    What education/experience is necessary for your role?

    Prior work experience is good. I was in high school when I started.

  • Doreen Ho

    Senior Accountant

    This story goes back to 14 years ago in February 2002, I left my hometown (Penang, Malaysia) to pursue higher education in Adelaide. I must admit that it wasn’t an easy journey! I was 18 years old, first time without any family members, all myself at this foreign land and all I had was just a luggage with clothes. To begin with, English is my second language, it made things even harder and a lot of times, I have no idea what everyone was talking about.

    Three years in University of Adelaide, I completed Bachelor of Commerce; it was one of my proudest moments in my life.

    After six weeks of writing and sending job applications, I successfully landed a position at an accounting practice as the administration assistant. When I first started, I worked long hours, continuously committed in trying my hardest to learn what it takes to be an accountant in a practice.

    Spending two years as an administration assistant had definitely established my passion in the industry, I was recognised for my skills and knowledge that I learned in the two years. There was an opportunity to work as a graduate accountant which I took up and performed really well. At the moment, I set my mind that I like this job and I want to develop a career in accounting practice.

    I undertook Certified Practicing Accountants (CPA) qualification and successfully obtained the title in three years. The day I attended the Award ceremony, it was the day I got the enjoyed the fruits of the hard work.

    In January 2011, my current employer acquired the accounting practice I was working for almost six years. Working in a larger organisation had been challenging however it did not stop me from achieving my goal to have a successful career in accounting practice. The experiences I gained working as a accountant has given me the opportunity to explore what the industry has to offer.

    It’s been twelve years since I stepped in the first accounting practice as an administration assistant and now a senior accountant. Looking back at the achievements, I received significant exposures to tax compliance, audit and business advisory services across a wide variety of industries that allows me to provide the services that the clients need. I am also managing a team of five accountants and two administration assistants. Having the opportunity to work at the management level has been incredible; it allows me to combine the experiences gained over the years and people skills to inspire the team members especially accountants who have just started their career in this industry.

    Top 5 Characteristics of people who work in your field

    • Knowledgeable and continuously wanting to develop professionally
    • Client centred
    • Attention to details
    • Willing to go extra mile with potentially no return/reward
    • Reliable

    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry

    • Problem solving
    • Organisational skills
    • Team player
    • Communication skills
    • Disciplined

    What education / experience is necessary for your role?

    • Minimum Bachelor degree
    • Preferred postgraduate degree (accredited professional qualifications)
    • Experience can be accumulated over the years.
  • Marc “The Beautiful Bogan” Ryan

    Professional Comedian

    My name is Marc, I’m an Adelaide comedian but before I started performing, I was a depressed angry man. I didn’t think life was fair and the only joy I had in life was 2 year old son.

    My marriage sucked, my work sucked, I had no friends, so I decided to go see the work counsellor and the counsellor asked me to remember the last time I was really happy. The last time  I remember being really happy I did a best man speech at my friends wedding and I made everyone laugh, and people were complimenting me on how good the speech was. So with that in mind I decided to try stand-up comedy, I found out where the nearest open mic room was and had a crack. Which was a little hard because after years of bullying at school and being left out in general from life the last thing I could think of to help this would be to stand in front of a group of strangers and tell jokes. But after a couple of times of getting up the guy in charge of the night asked me if I would like to try getting up in front of bigger crowds and I felt like I had finally found my THING.

    Since then I have  performed with some of Australia’s great stand-up comedians,  I was lucky enough to be  A national finalists in  triple J’s Raw comedy 2014 and got a fauna half star review for my first fringe show Marc Ryan the Beautiful Bogan. This has also brought the opportunity to see parts of Australia I thought I would have never see but I also have the privilege of being able to make people laugh night in a night out, and there is no better job then that.

    Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field

    • Confidence
    • Charisma
    • Bravery
    • Determination
    • Creativity

    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry

    • Public speaking
    • Creative Writing
    • Storytelling
    • Entrepreneurial
    • Life experience

    What education / experience is necessary for your role?

    Life experience is the best education… But also English and creative writing skills are helpful.

  • Reina Leary

    Regional Project Manager – Reina Leary

    20 year ago, getting into the travel industry was a challenge, however with perseverance, I managed to get my foot in the door as Travel Agent.
    From this, I made my way up from being a Travel Agent, working in Operations to Account Management and now in Project Management.

    Top 5 Characteristics of people who work in your field

    • Communication
    • leadership
    • teamwork skills are crucial
    • Drive to excel
    • patience

    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry

    • organizational skills
    • time management
    • attention to detail
    • understanding cultural differences
    • prompt

    What education / experience is necessary for your role?

    Project Management Certification or simply industry experience

  • Wilfredo Mazo


    I have been a hairdresser for over 30 years, and have operated my own salons since arriving to Australia in 1991. I have qualifications in hairdressing from TAFE SA, Adelaide.

    I worked as a hairdresser assistant back in the Philippines, and from observing my colleagues, I was able to pick up the skills in hairdressing and beauty. I am a creative person by heart, so I found my passion in hairdressing, and I started to build my own clientele, from regular customers to popular TV celebrities.

    When I migrated to Australia, I passed an examination at TAFE SA to obtain a Certificate in Hairdressing and Barbering.

    I now run my own business called The Next Cut hairdressing, it is family operated so I have the best of both worlds working with family and my clients.

    Top 5 Characteristics of people who work in your field

    • Creative
    • Flamboyant
    • love a good chat
    • Independent
    • fun

    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry

    • Cut precisely
    • Colour
    • Style
    • communicate with clients
    • passion to learn all things about hair

    What education / experience is necessary for your role?

    Certificate IV in Hairdressing and/or Barbering

  • Brenna Eckert

    Principle Audiologist

    I started my journey into audiology after my mum suddenly lost all hearing in her left ear. She wasn’t counselled well and was left quite devastated. I was working as a medical scientist and was looking for a change so decided to study a Masters of Audiology (audiology is only offered at a masters degree level). I completed this and started working across a few different areas, deciding to hone in on diagnostic audiology over the hearing aid industry. Within 4 years of graduating I was offered the Principal Audiologist role- meaning I was responsible for the service deliver, accountability, governance and clinical and human resource management of my small team. I noted the health industries trend for promoting great clinicians who were not necessarily great leaders or managers. I didn’t want to be in that category so decided to start my MBA to help give me the tools my clinical and on the job training wouldn’t. I am about to finish my MBA and am keen now to move into health economics and strategy.

    Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field

    • Precise
    • Giving
    • Investigators
    • Caring
    • Initiators

    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry

    • Inquisitive nature
    • Excellent communicators
    • Detail focus
    • Multitasking
    • Flexible

    What education / experience is necessary for your role?

    Masters of Audiology and now usually require working on or having achieved masters level management training

  • Stephen Foster


    Recorded my first original song while still at school at Murray Bridge. Singing lessons with Gilbert & Sullivan Society. Learnt banjo/mandolin. Taught myself guitar and harmonica. Went to SA School of Art. Began singing in coffee lounges, clubs and hotels.

    appeared regularly on Adelaide Tonight, and Channel 10’s Intime, won the SA Grand Final of New Faces in 1968 and narrowly beaten into 2nd place in the National Grand Final in Melbourne. Award winning, successful debut album “Coming Home In A Jar” in 1972, was followed by a succession of successful bands including the ‘Mount Lofty Rangers’, with Bon Scott (AC/DC). Toured Australia, 1972-73 with Brian Cadd & the Bootleg Family, and as a solo artist has supported many of the world’s best known bands, such as The Byrds & Steel Eye Span, at the Adelaide Festival Theatre.

    Lead singer for his band Black Fire at the iconic Myponga Festival in 1971 and was acknowledged by Bob Dylan as a preferred performer of his songs in 1974.

    Recorded with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, opened the Out Back Fringe Festival at Roxby Downs and has a large cult following in Europe with his million-seller hit song (1995) Forever Blue (a co-write with Grahame Goble) recorded by John Farnham & Little River Band. Appointed an Australia Day Ambassador in 2008 and each year performs in a different part of South Australia. This Australia Day he performed at Waikerie alongside Russell Morris to an audience of 4,500 people.

    Runs a successful music program at the Repatriation Hospital for dementia patients, and veterans suffering from PTSD, regularly plays at RSL Clubs and retirement villages as well as his own concert series around Adelaide venues, and tours to outback country towns and festivals.

    Following a sell-out Adelaide Fringe Concert, he has been invited to perform at Edinburgh Fringe 2016 in Scotland.

    Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field

    • Motivated
    • Self starters
    • Thick-skinned and Optimistic
    • Talented

    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry

    • Talent in your chosen field
    • Practice, practice, practice
    • Ability to self-promote and organise
    • Ability to relate to your fans-a people person
    • Business management to ensure you don’t starve!

    What education/experience is necessary for your role?

    • Music lessons either singing on an instrument or both
    • Reading music is a plus.
    • A music degree is useful, but not essential
    • Presentation and promotion skills
    • Business management and basic financial skills
    • Understanding of the music industry and its many pitfalls.
    • Learn your craft, especially what makes a good song.
  • Jenny Loftes

    Business + Marketing Consultant and Program Manager

    Degree in Advertising Art from SA School of Art, majoring in film & TV. Journalist/photographer/camera for Channels 9,7 & ABC and Reuters, BBC and TF1(Paris).

    Started own company: Studio J Production supplying films, commercials and documentaries as well as marketing and advertising for large & small businesses. Head hunted to bring my skills to Local Government and also State Government. Became a problem solver, specializing in Change Management.

    Completed Conflict resolution and negotiation qualifications. Completed an MBA, majoring in Managerial Finance, Contracts, and Sustainable Energy Management. Won a scholarship to European Summer School of Advance Management in Denmark. Advisor/consultant to Local/State and Federal Government on Project Management, Financial Management, Business Management, Change Management as well as Marketing, Promotions and Event Management.

    Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field

    • Self starters and disrupters
    • People orientated with a sense of humour
    • Can see the big picture
    • Refuse to give up!
    • Prepared to work hard at their chosen craft. e.g. songwriting, singing, playing an instrument.

    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry

    • Organised
    • Good time-management skills
    • Financial experience to set budgets, see problems
    • Wide business experience across many industries
    • Good IT skills and social-media experienced.

    What education/experiences is necessary for your role?

    • Basic project Management qualifications e.g Prince2
    • Wide IT experience across all platforms
    • Business Management qualifications/experience
    • Financial qualifications/experience
    • Preferably an MBA masters level
  • John Kamuchau

    IT & Digital Strategist

    I started my career as a software developer in 2003 on building business applications and websites. As the company I was working in grew, my role transitioned into business analyst and project manager.

    After 5 years of work, I decided to take a large leap of faith and start my own software development consulting firm. It’s been a challenging but exciting adventure.

    Top 5 characteristics of people

    • Motivated
    • Curious and inquisitive
    • Good learners as technology changes very fast
    • Patience
    • Attention to detail

    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry

    • Understand how the web works
    • Understand how businesses operate
    • Understand general marketing
    • Understand project management
    • Be good at using computers
  • Erin Faehrmann

    Manager - Asset Investment at SA Water

    A business-Mary-Poppins, changing jobs every 2 or so years to go wherever there are opportunities to make things better. Worked in IT, projects, school education, governance, strategy, change management and finance roles. Volunteer on the Board of Youth Opportunities. Mentor through various organisations.

    Top 5 characteristics of people who work in your field?

    • Results-oriented
    • Customer and people oriented
    • Modest and hard working
    • Ethical
    • Intelligent and able to grapple with complex ideas / competing needs

    Top 5 skills relevant to working in your industry?

    • Social skills – impact and influence, listening
    • Ability to take in a lot of information and synthesize it in to a plan or a simple picture / few sentences.
    • Leadership skills – setting strategy and helping people work towards it
    • Thrive to continue learning and improving
    • Industry-specific skills (engineering, science etc)

    What education / experience is necessary for your role?

    • Experience in managing business change and leading people
    • Either technical education in finance/engineering OR experience working in a similar organisation